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This was one of the the best choices i’ve done in my life. The whole experience was amazing, the staff are so nice and friendly, they giave a full through honest explaintion of the procedure, they made the procedure as comfortable as possible and most importantly the results where amazing! I’m so excited with my new nose! I would definitely go there again next year.

The nose is one of the most central parts of our face. If seemingly out of place or too large or an odd shape it may detract from our natural beauty and for many it’s something that they would love to correct.

However whilst plastic surgery is a popular option (We’ve all heard of the term ‘nose job’) there is now a way to have a nose job without surgery. Technology has evolved that now allows a safe, painless local anaesthetic procedure to be carried out at our clinic with quick recovery and minimal time off work or downtime.

By using a dermal filler we can reshape and contour the nose to achieve results that were previously only ever possible with plastic surgery. Non surgical nose reshaping is mainly suitable for those who need refinement of their nose shape – we cannot of course make a large nose smaller with this treatment.

Nose reshaping treatment

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The huge benefits of our Non Surgical nose job is that the procedure is quick (Around thirty minutes), downtime is around two days and the results are natural and balanced without having to undergo any invasive surgery. This finally provides patients with a Non Surgical option and has proven very popular with those who feel plastic surgery is not right for them.

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty cannot of course replace a traditional Rhinoplasty especially where there is a desire to dramatically reduce the size of the nose.

However it is a great way to correct some smaller issues with great results and is often a huge confidence booster for our patients.

Nose reshaping treatment

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Non- surgical rhinoplasty


Q: What are the benefits of a Non Surgical Nose Shaping or a Non Surgical ‘Nose Job’ ?
A: A Non Surgical nose job can be used to improve the shape of the tip of the nose and bridge where surgery is not desired or following a rhinoplasty to correct main deformities or issues. Small deformities can easily be corrected in this safe and effective treatment under local anaesthetic in an out-patient setting.

Q: Am I the ideal patient for Non Surgical Nose Shaping?
A: Non surgical nose reshaping can be performed on any patient who wishes to improve the appearance of the nose but does not want a surgical Rhinoplasty. However, a large nose cannot be made smaller, although a bump or hump on the bridge can be smoothed out using this procedure. A Non surgical nose job is ideally suited for refining the nose or correcting small areas where they affect the general look of the nose.

Q: Does a Non Surgical Nose Job require a general anaesthetic or hospital stay?
A: The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic in an out-patient setting without the need of any stay in hospital.

Q: How long is the procedure?
A: The procedure normally takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

Q: What reassurance do I have?
A: Our Non Surgical Nose Job is performed in a safe treatment environment using the best available injectable products.

Q: How long is the recovery time?
A: Patients can go back to their normal activities after 2 days. You should avoid pressure on the nose for 5 days, so for example, avoid sleeping on the front or side. Minimal bruising may occur which usually resolves in 5 – 7 days. The nose may be tender for 3 – 5 days following treatment.

Q: What about the results?
A: The results are first and foremost natural. Non surgical nose shaping will enhance the appearance of the nose ensuring that it is more aesthetically balanced with your features.

Q: How long do the results last?
A: The results of will last from 6 to 12 months in general.

Q: Is Non-Surgical Nose Shaping an alternative to a traditional Rhinoplasty?
A: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty cannot replace a traditional Rhinoplasty if your deformity is significant or the nose needs to be reduced in size. It is, however, an effective way of correcting some deformities of the nose especially following a previous Rhinoplasty when you may want to avoid a further revision surgery.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Price is usually £350, the cost may rise if more filler product is required.

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