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10 Year Anniversary!


Wrinkle reducing injections / (Doctor's Consultation is free) £30 Surcharge for male clients
Skin Peels
Dermal Filler Treatments

Genuine Dermaroller / Dermapen for scarring, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks
Aqualyx - Localised fat loss
Perspiration Treatment (Hyperhydrosis)

Thread Vein / Spider Veins on legs
Private consultation
Mole check

Skin tag removal (consultation included)
Mole removal - includes the consultation, surgery, lab analysis and follow-up
Wart removal

Laser Hair Removal - FACE prices from
Laser Hair Removal - Upper Body
Laser Hair Removal - Lower Body

Juvederm Ultra
Aqualyx treatment of localist adiposity
Alumier Brighter Ideas in skincare
Teosyal the best of hyaloronic acid
Obagi medical
Dermapen advance skin needling
Lynton expert in asthetic technology
Intravita International