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10 Year Anniversary!

Contact page fixed

Good evening everybody.

I hope you are having a wonderful November and gearing up for the festive season!

I have been notified that a large number of visitors to our website have left messages through our 'Contact Us' page. Unfortunately we seem to have not been receiving them!

I would like to firstly apologise for this technical error.

Our IT team have been working hard to solve the problem and it has now been fixed!!

Please feel free to leave a message for us and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic.

Warm regards,

Dr Goyal
Clinical Director, MK Aesthetics

New treatment for stretch marks, scars and skin rejuvenation with les downtime!!

MK Aesthetics is proud to introduce yet another fantastic medical aesthetic treatment:
The derma roller treatment is used to make microscopic holes in the skin which then makes the skin repair itself by producing more collagen amongst other goodies!
This in turn rejuvenates the face, improves acne scars and can also treat stretch marks and elasticity.

We recommend a course of at least 3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart and the great thing about it is that there is no downtime, you can literally carry on with your day straight after the treatment.

Here are some examples of what can be achieved with our derma roller treatment.

Acne scarring
Improvement of acne scarring after two Genuine Dermaroller™ procedures

Ageing & sun damaged skin/lines & wrinkles
Improvement of lines & wrinkles on ageing & sun damaged skin 3 months after one Genuine Dermaroller™ procedure

Stretch Marks
Improvement of stretch marks after two Genuine Dermaroller™ procedures

Efficacy and safety in pigmented skin
Improvement of acne scars after four Genuine Dermaroller™ procedures

Amanda Houghton joins the MK Aesthetics Team

We are pleased to announce Amanda Houghton has joined the team. She will be carrying out our laser treatments including Laser Hair Removal and NIR Skin tightening using our fantastic new Soprano XL Laser. She will be available on Tuesdays, Wednesday mornings and Saturdays. Amanda is also happy to carry out the consultations for clients wishing to try the Pain Free laser.

Amanda has several years of experience in the beauty industry. She is also the director of PermaCos which provides Semi-Permanent makeup and Medical Tattooing.

Ring us now for your free laser hair consultation and patch test.

Dr Goyal joins Bedford Dermatology Department

I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to join the team at Bedford Hospital Dermatology department. I will be working with the highly experienced and works renowned dermatologist, Dr Burova. This is an exciting opportunity to improve my skills in dermatology and consolidate on the Diploma in Dermatology in 2011.

Soprano XL Pain Free Laser Hair Removal now available

MK Aesthetics is now proud to announce that we are now providing Pain Free Laser Hair Removal with our brand new Soprano XLi laser.

Check out this video for more information: